12 Best 4×8 CNC Routers in 2020 | Aug (Buying Guide)

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Best 4×8 CNC Routers

A CNC router is where you feed a framework with specific guidelines and the CNC Router works like a pre-modified PC. Putting it in a more simple way, the CNC router shifts over a plan given with respect to the number and arranges as well as executes the directions. The plan is generally made with the use of a CAD software. Since these CNC routers don’t come cheap, numerous clients purchase a little form, generally a 4×8 CNC router to meet their requirements. Also Read about – Best Cheap CNC Milling Machines

Best 4×8 CNC Routers of 2020

Here are the best CNC routers from which you can choose the best suited for you. 

#1. Shopbot PRSalpha: Best 4×8 CNC Router 

Shopbot PRSalpha

With regards to a CNC router, you will consistently want to go for a machine that is durable in nature and yet extremely practical. Shopbot PRSalpha instruments are tough and utilize significant level trend setting innovation for capacities like cutting, cutting, penetrating, etching, sign creation and machining. You can use PRSalpha 4×8 CNC router for various purposes that are suitable for you. 

The PRSalpha is an exceptional arrangement apparatuses which goes upto velocities of 1800 inches for each moment and cutting rate of upto 600 inches for each moment. Discussing the features of this machine, you can without much of a stretch design this CNC machine for moderate completed items, advanced creation of metals and wood. 


  • Slicing Speeds of up to 600 inches for every moment 
  • Travel speed of 1800 inches for every moment 
  • Accompanies incredible client support 
  • Gantry based CNC router that comes in a few sizes 

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#2. BobsCNC E4 CNC Router: Best Selling Product 

BobsCNC E4 CNC Router

BobsCNC CNC E4 (Evolution 4) router has the ability to carry out every task required by the user that some other 3 hub CNC router available in the market is able to do. However, with this router, you get double the cutting zone of the typical routeres accessible at this value point. Despite the fact that you may see that it creates square molded outcomes however you can without much of a stretch produce results as a 4 x 8 inch CNC router. 

For 4×8: For BobCNC E4, cut the initial 24″, at that point move the workpiece and cut the following 24″ so along these lines you can get the consequence of 4′ x 8′ and the machine can without much of a stretch produce results like any 4×8 router at a large portion of the cost. 

The machine is super-simple to gather, because of the nitty gritty get together manual, which is a colossal in addition to for any carpenter. To finish it off, the brand offers truly brief client care. In this way, regardless of whether you face any issue, the inviting experts of BobsCNC will get right to helping you comprehend it. 


  • The SG20U based railing framework 
  • A solid laser cut edge for accuracy and life span 
  • Accompanies Arduino based microchip and DW660 router 
  • Premium quality GT2 belt on Y and X pivot 


#3. Shopbot PRSstandard 

Shopbot PRSstandard

Shopbot’s PRSstandard arrangement routeres are among the most noteworthy performing CNC machines. These CNC router utilize very good quality trend setting innovation associated with extraordinary capacities like cutting, cutting, machining, etching, sign creation and boring. This is a perfect machine for any individual who has business plan. 

The Shopbot PRSstandard has all that one anticipates from a very good quality CNC machine. You are offered with  hard open-circle stepper engines that comes with a low backfire gear heads along with the RBK arrangement stepper engine drivers which convey better force as well as keep up smooth cutting at high speeds and step goal. 

A very significant part of the machine is the CNC control framework programming. The programming n ow comes with new open norm for CNC code and OpenSBP that is a more established organization of CNC G-code. You can download it very easily and free. 


  • Peruses the new CNC code and OpenSBP(Old position) 
  • Gantry based CNC router 
  • Top tier innovation for penetrating, etching, machining and cutting
  • Better control framework programming 

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#4. Axiom precision 4×8 AR8 pro+

Axiom precision 4×8 AR8 pro+

The USP of Axiom Precision 4×8 AR8 pro+ has the fourth axis capacity. You get an incredible shaft and pivoting machining limit with respect to present day purposes. The pro+ course of action has an extraordinary 6″ Z travel limit. The best part is the pole which is 3HP, stunning yet astoundingly quiet and goes with facilitated liquid cooling system. 

Each Pro+ CNC machine comes pre set up with the objective that you can without a very remarkable stretch incorporate the rotational pack. As an extension, you can investigate precision ball screws, colorful assistants and a lively steel plot. You can moreover peruse 3 different impression decisions. Whether or not you aren’t a tech individual there is no convincing motivation to join a PC to work this machine. Basically move your record using a USB device. The handheld contraption is pivotal, lightweight and easy to work. 


  • Comes pre-wired for development of ornament 
  • Mind boggling yet quiet 3HP shaft 
  • Mind boggling and lightweight
  • 6″ Z travel limit 


#5. SNB-C2 PRO Kraft Series: Best 3-Axis 4×8 CNC Router 


The SNB-C2 Pro is a machine is a one of the piece of the kraft arrangement 2 pivot CNC routeres. It accompanies a 4’x8′ working region vacuum table and a 10 pull vacuum siphon. You can make use of SNB-C2 Pro CNC router for cutting of kitchen cupboards or even directing fine art. 

This CNC router is extremely productive in terms of its work efficiency and takes less working hours to complete things as compared to a typical machine. It doesnt matter whether your work takes more of the hardwood or it occurs over aluminum. This is extraordinary feature this machine has as compared to other 4×8 CNC routeres. 


  • More qualified for hardwood, plastics and aluminum 
  • 10 Horse power vacuum siphon 
  • Sturdy and proficient
  • 3 hub CNC router with 4’x8′ working territory 

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#6. Camaster Cobra Elite 408

Camaster Cobra Elite 408

At the point when you need something which is a blend of everything from accuracy to phenomenal execution at a reasonable value, you ought to get the Cobra Elite CNC router. The cobra arrangement accompanies all the essential and propelled features which are normally found in costly modern instruments. Top tier and a ground-breaking 12HP axle is a USP of this machine. 

The build in nature of any CNC machine is significant and with regards to the Cobra Elite 408, the entire structure of the machine is produced with the utilization of steel outline that guarantees steadiness and inflexibility in nearby support. 

What’s far and away superior is that the entire CNC router accompanies 2 years guarantee and lifetime specialized help. 


  • 2 years guarantee 
  • 12 Horse Power shaft 
  • 1500 IPM cut speed 
  • All steel outline 

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#7. Camaster 4×8 Cobra X3 

Cammaster 4×8 Cobra X3

Camaster CR-408 X3 is a CNC router that has a cutting size of 61″x97″ and has a wonderful cross speed of 2500 RPM and cutting velocities of 1500 RPM. 

At the point when the shaft is working at max speed, you can get around 18,000-24000 RPM. The router gets 3HP shaft and comes outfitted with PC based regulator, 2 extra light obligation machines which are mounted on head. 


  • Y drive of rack and pinion, X and Z of Precision Ball screw 
  • Great cross speed of 2500 IPM 
  • 3 HP doorman link for axle

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#8. Axiom AR8 Elite

Axiom AR8 Elite

For a CNC machine like Axiom AR8 one of the most classic models available in the market. Tt’s a great accomplishment where it has a cutting speed of around 320 RPM with a frequency of .05mm, which isv a great speed that is usually just found in servo-driven routeres. The AR8 has incredible speed, force and accuracy and accompanies a trend setting innovation for better and effective capacities like boring, sign creation and cutting. 

AR8 has a 3HP electro-shaft that likewise accompanies a fluid cooling framework and a 8 inches of Z travel limit. All the CNC routeres which comes in the first class arrangement accompany a 20mm accuracy ball screws, enormous kaleidoscopic aides, a hearty steel outline and an interlocking. 

Best of all, AR8 has a HUST DSP regulator which is ground-breaking, simple to utilize and fourth pivot prepared. The machine accompanies ER20 and has an apparatus ignite gadget. 


  • Cutting pace of 320 IPM 
  • Gantry based CNC router 
  • Accompanies 8″ Z travel limit
  • AR8 has better speed, force and accuracy 


#9. Freedom Machine Tool Patriot CNC Router

Freedom Machine Tool Patriot CNC Router

Patriot router is an undeniable 4×8 CNC router that accompanies accuracy movement segments, an all steel outline, and lifetime of customer support. 

At the times when you are going to work with wood, froth, plastics and aluminum, you can depend on opportunity machine nationalist CNC router. This CNC router is anything but difficult to design. The entire framework has been designed by Diversified machine frameworks. 


  • Made on Rigid steel outline 
  • Lifetime specialized help 
  • 7 Inch Z pivot 
  • 220 volt 3-stage power 


#10. Camaster Stinger I

Camaster Stinger I

The stringer by camaster is a CNC router made for clients who need to take a stab at something at a little scope. These routeres are more qualified for 2’x3′ and 4’x8′ measurements. It is both size well disposed and not very costly. 

The entire body has been built on a welded steel outline and have an uncompromising exactness rails and orientation. 

The entire structure of the machine weighs approximately 800lbs and it also has a X and Y hub drive as rack and pinion while a ball screw Z hub drive. You additionally get free technical support forever. 


  • Hard core exactness rails and direction 
  • Welded Steel outline 
  • E chain on all hub 
  • 3.5 HP shaft 


#11. STYLECNC STM1325 4’x8′


STYLECNC is a famous name in the carpentry Industry, and this is a result of the nature of their items and incredible client care. Their 4 inches by 8 inches CNC router StyleCNC STM1325 is valuable for making numerous modern level ventures and furthermore for your own side interest ventures. It accompanies proficient programming for programming the machine. There is likewise a product accessible for programming the apparatus way. 

You can likewise utilize other programming, for example, Vcarve Pro, if the need emerges. It is one of the most well known CNC routeres accessible for a wide range of carpentry tasks. The device can adjust as effectively to a vacuum table as it does to the settled kitchen cupboards. 


  • 300 mm distance across with fourth rotational hub included for comfort 
  • A compelling work zone of 1300 * 2500 * 200 mm 
  • A lightweight yet incredible machine 
  • Water cooling shaft of 3 KW 


#12. Maslow CNC Router Kit: Best on Budget 

Maslow CNC Router Kit

Maslow has conveyed the CNC unit that each DIY needs are important to possess. It accompanies a USB streak drive and ten example ventures. Along these lines, you can get the opportunity to work immediately. The best thing about this router kir is that you get a a lot of features in a very small amount of a cost. 

Also, on the off chance that you are simply beginning with carpentry stuff, at that point the machine you need. The directions given for refreshing programming and drivers are anything but difficult to such an extent that in any event, setting up a printer would be more enthusiastically than this. Interesting that it’s a vertical CNC unit which implies there are many intriguing activities you can put this router pack to utilize. 


  • Deals with compressed wood, hardwood, hard plastic, and MDF
  • Open source programming that takes a shot at all OS 
  • Simple to scale here and there due to the chain driven framework 
  • Z-pivot capacities to kill the requirement for manual change of profundity 


While picking the best 4×8 CNC router, we referenced some significant things to remember in the start of the article. A great deal relies upon your necessities. Some might be tenderfoots while some might be experts. 

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