Commonly Used Bits for CNC Milling Operations

In addition to CNC milling being used for metal objects, it is commonly the preferred choice for woodworking. With this method of operation, there are many times when wood cutting is required but compared to metal fabrication, producing holes takes less pressure. For that reason, drill bits are quite different for the two different types of materials.

Often found in CNC milling and lathe machines, bits are designed to produce precise outcomes. For example, a flat bit has a flat cutting edge coupled with a center point that is extremely sharp. Because of this, drilling holes quickly is possible. Many times, this type of bit will be used with a pumping device that eliminates excess sawdust to prevent thicker materials from wandering during operation.

The dowel bit is also commonly used for CNC milling. This too has a sharp center point but what makes this bit unique is that the design enhances overall precision. When used with two adjoining cutting spurs, work goes much quicker and holes are far more accurate. To enhance balance during cutting, this type of bit also comes with specialized inserts.

A twist based design used in CNC milling operations is the augur bit. This bit is somewhat different in that the cutting edge is wide and it has a single outer spur designed to cut ahead of the edge. This bit is also designed with coiled threads, making it possible to push sawdust away from the point of cutting. Although this bit is slower compared to others, the degree of accuracy is unrivaled.

Because there are different types of bits associated with CNC milling and lathing of wood materials, it is imperative for a machinist to choose the appropriate one. After all, customers depend on expertise and demand high quality finished products.

Of course, in addition to choosing the right drill bit for wood milling, the machinist running the equipment must possess appropriate skills. At NexGen Machine Corp, we stand behind our team of professionals. Everyone has completed in-depth training and education, but also has years of job experience. Because of this, every job is performed to ensure 100% customer satisfaction

Updated: July 3, 2018 — 4:25 pm
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